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In it again.. with not one.. but two!
Subversion in Glasgow
It's here and I'm in it!
New things ahead... state side...
Selected to be part of The Society of Women Artists 161st exhibition, Mall galleries in London. Woop!
Honoured to be part of this amazing community of Artists.
It’s been a while… and something a little different.
Art in a pandemic, Spring (Fons), Summer) Aestas, Autumn (Autumnus), Winter (Hiems).
So much has happened since my last blog… lots of commissions, collaborations and a solo show.
Looking forward to working with Darren the owner of this fabulously cool Gallery in Brighton.
This sketch, soon to be broken down into layers and aptly named 'Thinking Time'.
Hopefully the first of many… strange times we're living in but always thinking outside the box.
Getting back into my art again and my head is buzzing with ideas.
Out of the ashes of this horrible crazy mess we've been plundered into called Covid19… something positive.
The last few days have been a crazy mad media ride.
It’s week 4 of lockdown and I still have a headful of ideas I still haven’t managed to get down on paper.


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